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Inspiration is in full bloom at Awesome Orchids plants pots & more. Stop in and see us throughout the year at our shop and at our Downtown Farmers' Market location. Explore what's new and stylish on our constantly changing floor-to-ceiling shop shelves. Discover what's blossoming on our front-and-center Farmers' Market tables.

We've said it before, but we'll say it again, we are passionate about providing you the highest quality, hand-selected, locally grown orchids at reasonable prices. To inspire you, we've created a gallery of seasonal vignettes that highlight our beautiful orchids and plants, unique and one-of-a kind glazed pots and our lifestyle collections that we know will delight and surprise you or someone you love.

All photographs below were taken at our shop in downtown Sarasota, FL.

< Good Table Manners
Nature-inspired tables are a charming way to brighten any room or outdoor area.  Mix or match high sheen and textured tables in the same color spectrum to entertain with design style flair.
And, remember that the best tables do double-duty as extra seating on your terrace or favorite indoor space.
Making Scents of It All >
Scented candles, soaps and diffusers make lovely hostess gifts, but, don't forget to enjoy them in your own surroundings, too.  Certain fragrances are designed to help calm, reinvigorate and renew your spirits. Enjoy aromatic Clary Sage, Honeysuckle and Grove scents year-round to help you recharge at the end of a hectic day.
Life is Good
< It's All in the Details
Make your tablescapes special yet stress-free so that you have more time to enjoy with friends.  Fold and drape a few yards of a classic linen or vintage cotton fabric for a non-traditional table covering;  scatter votive lights on top of small mirrored squares for a table that glows; and, as a conversation starter, spotlight a family heirloom or a whimsical decorative bird by placing it under glass in the center of your table.
A Little Bit of Bling >
True confession: we love adding a little bit of sparkle to our wardrobes. Pair a crystal and bead necklace and earrings in brilliant shades of blue and green with your tee-shirt and jeans. On a more formal occasion, layer several richly toned necklaces for an evening with extra shimmer. Whether it's a night at the opera or afternoon gardening in the backyard, adding a touch of glamour will make you feel like a stylish trendsetter.
Clay Mates
Sign of the Times
< Sign of the Times
Some signs are meant to be followed—especially when they're inspirational and uplifting. Hung on door knobs and cabinet pulls or placed atop kitchen counters and console tables, wise sayings scattered throughout your space will remind you and your family what's most important in life.
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Focused & Serene >
A carefully selected statement piece can add just the right amount of focus and serenity to any indoor or outdoor room. Avoid that cluttered look we all dread by choosing one large decorative item that sets the tone. Then continue to ask yourself what is attractive to your eye—keeping in mind that the most interesting spaces evolve over time.
Home Sweet Home
The Lost Art of Letter Writing
< The Lost Art of Letter Writing Revisited
If you're like us, you miss sending and receiving hand-written letters. This year, vow to communicate the traditional way and in your own script. To help you begin, our inspired selection of correspondence and note cards are ideal for reminding those near and dear to you just how much you truly cherish them.
Our Tip: Share a photograph and story that includes a special memory of the recipient for a truly heartfelt start to your correspondence.
Life is Good! >
There's no need to move at a snail's pace if you're decorating an occasional table, shelf or console in your home or at the office. Select a signature piece that will anchor your display, like one of our hand-selected succulents in an aged and delicately mossed container, and then start layering with complimentary pieces.
Our Tip: Make any designscape personal by including photos and mementos from this summer's beach trips.
Clay Mates
Clay Mates
< A Perfect Pair
Pairing our beautiful bromeliad with a classically handsome clay pot from G. Wolff Pottery (an inspired selection is available at our shop) will infuse any space in your home or office with the feel of the tropics. Consider the overall design impact on your space when deciding on plant & pot combinations for your bedroom bureau, your kitchen counter or the reception desk at your office.
Our Tip: Pay attention to your plants. They will tell you if they are happy with the amount of water, sunlight and warmth they are getting.

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Please note that due to seasonal availability orchids, plants and lifestyle collections shown on this page and on our Place an Order page are for illustrative purposes only. Prices are subject to change without notice and should be considered as a guide when placing your order or when visiting our shop.

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