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In Bloom March 2010

Favorite Colors Favorite colors say a lot about you. Can't say no to vibrant red lip gloss? You're inventive and a risk-taker. Find yourself with a closet full of green shirts and ties? You're sensible and down to earth. Does anything yellow cause you to swoon with delight? Say hello to cheerful and charming with a large dose of originality because that's who you are.

Okay, maybe charting your personality through color is not an exact science, but we'd like you to have fun with color this spring. One sure way to bring a little more harmony into your life is to begin noticing colors that attract your eye. Then create your own color guide that fits into your coastal Florida (or elsewhere) lifestyle.

So, get going. Make a date with yourself this month to spend an afternoon out in nature. Head to the beach, a nearby bike trail or even your own garden or terrace. Stop in to our shop and be inspired by our orchids, plants, pots, and this spring's new home and lifestyle collections–in both vibrant and pastel colors that we promise will chase away any lingering winter doldrums.

Oh, and what does purple, color choice for this month's In Bloom say about us? Seems we're wise, caring and outrageously artistic. Hmmm, apparently science has finally caught up to us!

Eve, Alan & Martha

Cottontail TalesCotton Tail Tales
It's March. And, now that cool winter days have rightfully been banned from our shores, we're letting out a huge shout of glee. Around the corner are al fresco holiday and birthday parties, baby and bridal showers and casual luncheons with family and friends.

But, what's spring without egg-carrying bunnies hip-hopping down the trail? To make your gatherings even more memorable, add one or several adorable rustic rabbits to your setting. Placed inside egg wreath centerpieces or even tucked away among your garden's orchids and plants, these bunnies will watch over your festivities with gracious good manners.

Our Tip: Our decorative egg wreaths in pastel hues say Welcome Spring! in any home. To celebrate the seaon with a little egg-stra creative style hang your wreath with colorful ribbons on an interior wall or door; gently drop a lovely potted orchid or plant into your wreath's center for an unexpected table centerpiece; or, lay your wreath over a glass bowl filled with found objects from nature.


Cattleyas and Oncidium
Cattleyas Oncidiums Phalaenopsis

We think our local orchid growers have gone off the color spectrum this month. Not only are our shop's orchid hues–from shades of tropical red and cinammon spice to white lilac and purple plum–creating a stir, their color combinations and patterns are also garnering their fair share of undivided attention. Welcome a fresh new look into your home, workspace or special celebration this spring with our locally grown, hand-selected Cattleyas, Oncidiums and Phalaenopsis that will defy your wildest color imaginings. Scatter several of these lovelies throughout your space or fill a large compote with a mix of your favorites. Color is officially in bloom.

Papaya StationeryPushing the PAPAYA Envelope!
We simply can't resist these outrageously colorful and creative cards, calendars, magnets and art panels from the mother and daughter design team at PAPAYA! that are now on our shop shelves.

With a promise that everything that they make, they love, we, too, are smitten with PAPAYA!'s stationery and gift items. If you miss sending and receiving hand-written notes, then follow our lead. Make a vow to send cards to loved ones the traditional way and in your own script. To help jumpstart your resolution, allow yourself to fall under PAPAYA's colorful spell. Their note cards are a brilliant way to remind family and friends just how much you really cherish them.

Our Tip: Share a photograph and story that includes a special memory of the recipient for a heartfelt start to your correspondence.

In Bloom GiveawayIn Bloom Give-away
This month, our randomly selected In Bloom winner will take home a decorative petit bird with nest and faux eggs (similar to our nesting friend shown here). Our March In Bloom Give-away winner is Laura. Check your email later today, Laura, for details on picking up your cheerful bird suite from our shop.

Not our give-away winner? Luck is all around you. But, until your pot o' gold at rainbow's end is sighted, stop by our shop or visit us at the Downtown Farmers' Market on Saturday mornings to see what's new and blooming.

Current In Bloom subscribers are automatically entered to win in our monthly Give-away.

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