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Sweep. Scrub. PolishSweep. Scrub. Polish. It's time for spring cleaning. Dividing and then setting out to conquer, our to do list is organized and alphebetized from A: arrange large pots and planters outdoors to W: water bromeliads, orchids and ferns.

Then it struck us. It was a collective aha moment that brought the brightest smiles to our faces. That afternoon we decided to forget about chores we simply must do in favor of envisioning daily rituals we look forward to completing.

Now when we start the day with broom in hand, clearing our walkway of fallen leaves, we intentionally prepare ourselves and our shop for a new morning filled with new adventures. When wrapping a customer's specially chosen house warming gift, our thoughts are on making a house into a home. When putting together orchid tabletop arrangements for evening festivities, we reflect upon and are grateful for the abundance in our lives.

Rediscover inspiration in the ordinary and everyday. Have an aha moment of your own with your to do list. Let this simple shift lead the way to creating greater meaning and joy in your daily routine.

Eve, Alan & Martha

The Great EscapeThe Great Escape
Escape to the great outdoors this May and take a few Orlandi statutes, planters and urns with you. Tucked into a place of prominence in your yard, walkway or garden, these bright white high gloss statutes shine. Indoors they'll anchor any room or tabletop setting with their poised silhouettes.

Considered an industry icon, made in the U.S.A. Orlandi Statuary is a fourth generation family-owned business. From Fiber Stone for your garden to fountains that induce tranquility, collections are handcrafted by experienced artisans and sculptors carrying on the almost century-long Orlandi family tradition of bringing together quality with innovation.

Our tip: Don't forget to bring your Orlandi planter or urn to your next backyard picnic or family gathering. Repurposed for the day, it becomes a one-of-a-kind party bucket filled to the brim with ice and your favorite bottled drinks.

Our 3rd Annual Sidewalk Sale
Thank you, dear customers, for marking your calendars, saving the dates and making our 3rd Annual Sidewalk Sale such a huge success. We had so much fun that we're now counting the days to next spring's 4th Annual Awesome Orchids Sidewalk Sale!

Cattleyas Marvelous Miltonia
What looks like a larger than life flowering pansy but really is an orchid? Give up? The answer is a Miltonia, of course.

Commonly known as pansy orchids, these now in bloom orchids are so popular they're hard to keep on our shop's shelves. Preferring cooler indoor temperatures during our warm coastal spring days, these surprisingly patterned flowers add a jolt of brilliant color to any space. Wherever they're placed, just be sure your Miltonias are resting in the shade to prevent thin leaves from burning.

Our Orchid Tip: Driven to distraction by tiny bugs circling your blooming orchids?  It’s the season to keep an eye out for thrips.  To rid your plants of these minute pests, apply a homemade remedy made up of equal parts household cleanser such as 409, rubbing alcohol and water.  Lightly spray on the infestation, usually the leaves, avoiding any blooms.  Inspect and rinse off the solution the next day. Repeat process.  Check back in 7-10 days and repeat if necessary.  If the problem persists, consider Orthene.  Carefully read product label for instructions and cautions before using.

Island Cowgirl JewelryIsland Cowgirl Jewelry
Always on the lookout for the best, we knew we had a winner and new shop favorite when we came across Island Cowgirl jewelry.

With its casual, down-home denim appeal, Island Cowgirl's necklaces and bracelets deftly combine hand cast sterling silver charms (some imprinted with words of inspiration) with leather cords finished off with sterling endcaps for that artisanal touch.

Keep it simple or layer several necklaces and bracelets to reveal your own inner island cowgirl. Our shop's collection also includes sterling earrings, hand carved with poetic etchings, that are wear forever keepsakes. So, saddle up and mosey on down to our shop to see for yourself what all our yippe yi ya-ing is about.

In Bloom GiveawayIn Bloom Give-away
This month, our randomly selected In Bloom winner will take home one large or three small warm weather loving succulents. Our May In Bloom Give-away winner is Ronald. Check your email later today, Ronald, for details on selecting and picking up your plant from our shop.

Not our give-away winner? May is full of pageants and processions, but, don't let the parade pass you by. Stop by our shop or visit us at the Downtown Farmers' Market on Saturday mornings to see what's new and blooming.

Current In Bloom subscribers are automatically entered to win in our monthly Give-away.

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