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In Bloom September 2010

The Joy of ReturningThe Joy of Returning
Maybe this was the summer that took you away from it all for a week, a month or even longer.  You explored new and exotic destinations to be inspired or you traveled back to familiar settings for quiet contemplation.

Now you have returned. You are the same, but, you are also somehow different for having been away.  As you wander back down familiar paths you're aware of a new-found appreciation for all that surrounds you.  When did skies above become so fair and blue? When did ocean breezes return to cool and soothe?  When did garden plantings ripen for easy picking?

There is such promise in returning.  As children return to school, their excitement filling the air around them, you can feel the tingle of high expectation, that anything is possible.  It's that time of year again.  Embrace it.

Wherever you've been, we're glad you're back.  Welcome home.

Eve, Alan & Martha

Timeless StylesTimeless Style
What's your definition of a classic?  For us, it starts with beautiful  handmade objects that will stand the test of time. 

Fully embracing our golden rule to be surrounded by what we truly love, our shop's center table has been transformed into a gathering place where the past meets the present. Here you'll find pots in rich earth tones from Campo de' Fiori and our new autumn rose colored vases from Orlandi Statuary.  Step closer to discover antique Egyptian olive jars so ancient looking they've somehow become fresh and modern in their appeal. 

Striking a balance between form, function and beauty, these handcrafted jars, vases and planters are artful and timeless accents for your Mediterranean, country, beach cottage or contemporary home, indoors or out.    

Rain, Rain Go AwayRain Rain Go Away
Locally heavy precipitation meant increased sightings of tiny snails and slugsā€”those curious-looking nocturnal pests that do the most damage to your garden while you sleep.

Stop these intruders from nibbling holes into your orchids' low to the ground roots, leaves and stems by using an eco-friendly remedy such as Sluggo or Worry Free. To increase your chances of success, keep in mind that a good offense is your best defense.  Dry ash or thick copper tape (a small electrical charge occurs) act as barriers between your orchids and marauding snails.  Or, try luring thirsty snails into a small container filled with beer where they'll sink and then drown. 

Finally, if you're not at all squeemish, grab your flashlight after the Late Show has ended, head outside and remove by hand any slow moving snails and slugs you find near your orchids and plants. 

Stay. Talk. Laugh.Stay. Talk
Park picnics.  Iced coffee breaks. Evening concerts. All delightful, but, what really made our summer special?  We've loved every minute of being here with you, of course. At Awesome Orchids, our afternoons were filled with thoughtful conversations, warm laughter, impulsive smiles and choosing with you the perfect orchids, plants and lifestyle gifts for your home, office and special events.

Long sunny days have become shorter, giving way to one of our favorite seasons, autumn. With so much to look forward to and with all that we have to be grateful for, we count among our most cherished blessings you, our dearest customers and friends.

In-Bloom Giveaway
In Bloom Give-away
This month, our randomly selected In Bloom winner will take home a mini botanical pot (similar to the aged terra cotta pots shown in the picture) from campo de' fiori.

This month's In Bloom Give-away winner is Joan. Check your email later today Joan for details on picking up your made-by-hand campo de' fiori mini pot, perfect for adding a touch of rustic flair to your home, from our shop.

Not our give-away winner?  You'll get that call-back soon. But, until you're cast in the leading role, stop by our shop or visit us at the Downtown Farmers' Market on Saturday mornings to see what's new and blooming. 

Current In Bloom subscribers are automatically entered to win in our monthly Give-away.

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