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Welcoming WaysWelcoming Ways
We so enjoy living in a place where welcoming guests into our homes has become part of our gracious lifestyles and year-round routines.

It's chilly up North this time of year and with the threat of another cold front moving through phones down South start ringing. Flights are booked, bags are packed and folks arrive with eager anticipation of sunny days and gentle breezes that make Sarasota the ideal place to unwind.

Here on the Southwest Coast of Florida we tend to take our hosting responsibilities seriously.  Tree ripened oranges are squeezed for breakfast, afternoons watching spring training baseball are planned, dinner reservations are made and fresh orchids, plants and gathered shells fill our homes, indoors and out. 

Warmly welcoming others, whether it's for a few days or several months, reminds us, once again, that living in paradise is anything but routine.  

Eve, Alan & Martha

P.S.  Sometimes all you need is a great outdoor garden bench to sit upon and ponder life's mysteries—and this is it.  Available at our shop in popular palm frond green and new inkspot black (shown above).

March Orchid "Madness"
Miltonias Phalaenopsis Cattlyeas

True orchid madness has taken over our shop shelves this March and we couldn't be more excited.  This spring, welcome a warm new look into your home, workspace or special event with our locally grown, hand-selected Miltonias, Phalaenopsis and Cattleyas that promise to erase any memories of winter's chill.  Display individually for a contemporary less is more look, or, go mad and break all the rules!  Gather together several large compotes  and fill with your favorite orchids in a variety of vibrant color and pattern combinations.

Our Orchid Tip: Remember that as days lengthen and sunshine brightens many orchids, including Cattleyas, Phals, and Zygopetalums should be protected from the hot midday sunlight. Miltonias will find our Florida climate too hot to rebloom.  So, enjoy their intriguing beauty for as long as they remain in bloom.   

Greetings, Dear Ones
Crinkled Bag Vase Welcome Tray Chickadee Feeders

Remind them of how special they are to you by placing these out-of-the-ordinary crinkled bag pots on guest room nightstands. Filled with your favorite orchids or flowering plants these cylindrical ceramic pots will catch the eye of even the weariest traveler. (Left)

Looking for a sweet keepsake for new parents' bundle of joy?  This WELCOME tray makes a lovely addition to baby's room as an ideal nesting place for little one's most precious possessions. (Center)

Small birds will rule the roost with these delightful Chickadee Feeders.  Filled with sunflower seeds and hung in a protected area of your garden, sweet chirpings will soon surround the balmy coastal air. (Right)


KathyMeet the Newest Member of Our Team
It is with great pleasure that we introduce you to the newest member of our Awesome Orchids team, Kathy Ortiz.  Fun, creative and orchid smart plant lover may describe Kathy, but it's her warm smile and gentle manner that captivate you when first you meet her.

Kathy, born and raised in Sarasota, graduated from Riverview High School where she met and then married her high school sweetheart. After years spent living in Texas, she and her family decided to return to their native Florida. And, we're so glad they did.

Now that you've met Kathy, be sure to stop into our shop the next time you 're strolling through  downtown Sarasota 's historic Burns Square and say hello to her and the rest of our Awesome Orchids team. You 'll be so happy you did.

Mini Bonzai TreeIn Bloom Give-away
It's March—the month that traditionally comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.  Say farewell to quiet evenings at home as you add invites to your social events calendar this spring.

This month, our randomly selected In Bloom winner will take home  one of our mini bonzai plants—just the right choice as a unique centerpiece at your next dinner party or a delightful thank you dear hostess gift.  Our March In Bloom Give-away winner is Marissa.

Check your email later today Marissa for details on selecting and picking up one of our adorable mini bonzais from our shop.

Not our give-away winner?  Days are getting longer,  but, until red robins go bobbin' along, stop by our shop or visit us at the Downtown Farmers' Market on Saturday mornings to see what's new and blooming. 

All current In Bloom subscribers are automatically entered to win in our monthly Give-away.

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