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BSharing Memories
It's that time of year when so many friends are traveling back up North. Blooming daffodils and tulips, nature's welcome home ambassadors, eagerly await those due to soon return.

Yet, sometimes it's just so hard to say good bye. Thoughts of lazy, light-filled days mingle with recollections of friendly morning golf games, local art show discoveries and outdoor gatherings on neighbors' patios.

To our constant delight, many are making the transition from southern to northern living with orchids in tow. Cars filled to the brim with boxes and bags still have room to spare for a few carefully wrapped orchids and plants. Reluctant travelers become less so knowing that, once delivered safely, their chosen charmers will continue to spark memories of Florida's golden sunshine.

Saying farewell is never easy, but, with a little planning and a secure perch, sweet dreams of the South will continue to bloom as you journey North.

Eve, Alan & Martha

Cause for Celebrating
Thank you, dear customers, for making our Fourth Annual Awesome Orchids Sidewalk Sale such a huge success. Great prices on orchids, plants, pots & more brought April to a happy close.

So why not start May off on the same joyful note? Forward In Bloom—packed with everything they'll need to know about orchids, plants, our exclusive sales and monthly give-away & so much more—to all your friends today.

Repotting OrchidsRepotting 101
If your orchid has outgrown its pot and the roots are spilling over the sides or your potting mix has weakened to a black and mushy consistency then it's time to repot. 

An ideal time to repot is when new growth is emerging and new roots appear as little bumps beneath.  For most orchids, new growth occurs after the blooms have faded—for your Phalaenopsis this means May. Avoid repotting when the orchid is in bloom as the plant's energy is directed to sustaining its flowers. If you repot at this time you could cut short the lifespan of your orchid's flowers.

A general rule is to repot every few years. Repotting orchids, although not difficult, is different from repotting other types of plants. There are a number of great websites that illustrate repotting with step-by-step pictures. And, remember to visit the American Orchid Society's site for some of the best advice available on orchids and their care.

Raspberry Red and Cobalt Blue Cachepot
Raspberry Red Cobalt Blue Rapsberry Red
We love it when old favorites from dear friends surprise us.  Vietri's traditional terra cotta pots, handcrafted in Italy, display an American spirit in new raspberry red and cobalt blue colors. Twisted knot trimmings and crest decorations add a welcome casual feel to these containers. Mix or match colors and styles to discover the secret to creating an electic, yet beautiful, display.  Perfect for any room in your high-rise condo, by the beach cottage or Tuscan-style villa, indoors and out.

Tokyo Milk SoapsIn Bloom Give-away
It's May! Walk on sunshine, voyage to exotic places, create order in chaotic closets, spill the beans, keep an open heart, smile often, mind your p's and q's and listen to bees buzz.

This month our randomly chosen In Bloom winner will select and take home one of our deliciously scented soaps from Tokyo Milk. Each long-lasting triple milled soap is wrapped up in the most delightfully unexpected way.  Our May In Bloom Give-away winner is Francis.

Check your email later today Francis for details on selecting and picking up one of our fresh Tokyo Milk soaps from our shop.

Not our give-away winner? May flowers abound, but until pilgrims land at Plymouth Rock, stop by our shop or visit us at the Downtown Farmers' Market on Saturday mornings to see what's new and blooming.

All current In Bloom subscribers are automatically entered to win in our monthly Give-away.

Be a good friend. Share In Bloom. Forward to a friend.

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