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BSummer Adventures
Call it wanderlust, but, we're in the mood to take a break from our daily routines.  June tempts us to hit the road, pull out the beach gear or simply search for a quiet resting place with book in hand.

Whether in summers past your family planned road trips weeks in advance or took off spur of the moment, excitement grew at the thought of idyllic adventures that lay ahead.

It's that time again to gather family and friends to trace routes where X's will mark this year's travel destinations.  Whether you decide on day trips up and down Florida's coast or a month-long holiday crossing the country, get ready for all the happy times ahead. But remember that summer adventures can also be as relaxed as making a quick trip to your local library before setting up lounge chairs in a secluded spot by the bay.

Eve, Alan & Martha

GrammatophyllumGrammatophyllum Orchids Go Gree
Warmer days on Florida's Southwest Coast are ideal for awe-inspiring Grammatophyllums. Related to Cymbidiums, these gorgeous orchids flourish when given bright morning sunlight (lime green colored foliage means the light is just right), high humidity and a good soaking once or twice a week.

Greek for letter (gramma) and leaf (phyllon) that refer to the markings on the flower, our locally grown Letter Plants, when in full growth, should be fertilized weekly with a diluted basic fertilizer.  We also recommend clay pots for good drainage that will allow these orchids' wet roots to dry quickly—essential to healthy plants.  (Care sheets are available at our shop.)

Once home, place your Grammatophyllum where you can keep an eye on it until it's settled into its new space. Following the advice above, along with regular removal of any dried sheathings from pseudobulbs, your stunning attention-grabbing orchid will thrive and continue to bloom from June to October.

Magpie PotteryExclusively Ours from Magpie Pottery
We first came across these simply elegant ceramic pots, made by an artisan in New Mexico, in a little shop in Connecticut. Magpie Pottery uses a distinctive transfer technique that alters each pot's bird or botanical-inspired image into an Old World-looking sepia photo. Delightfully shaped porcelain pots display a variety of matte and shiny finishes—triple glazing adds a whimsical effect to adore.

Their migratory journey now ended, discover for yourself this limited edition, exclusive to us only, selection of handmade porcelain pots from Magpie Pottery nesting on our shop shelves. 

Our Tip: For inspired contrast, add a favorite Magpie Pottery pot to your glazed or terra cotta collection. Be creative when your pots aren't holding orchids or plants. Place on your vanity to gather make-up brushes or on your counter to collect writing and drawing implements.

Burgundy Colored Slipper OrchidFather's Day, Sunday, June 19th
He's your biggest champion.  From high five's and camping trips to Facebook postings that keep you both connected, he's found so many ways over the years to be there for you. Remember your dad with the perfect burgundy-colored slipper orchid or desktop planter filled with easy-care succulent plants from our shop shelves.

Wrapped up and ready to give or for local delivery, a gift from your heart is what he's always cherished most.

Tokyo Milk SoapsIn Bloom Give-away
Love is in the air. Grooms pause. Brides' hearts flutter. Vows are spoken. Strewn flower petals bring wishes for happiness ever after.

This month our randomly chosen In Bloom winner will select and take home a bunch (6) of our palm-sized glass hearts. Our June In Bloom Give-away winner is Linda.

Check your email later today Linda for details on selecting a bunch of our little sweet hearts in mauve, pink or green from our shop.

Not our give-away winner?  Lady bugs take flight, but until a wish is made, stop by our shop or visit us at the Downtown Farmers' Market on Saturday mornings to see what's new and blooming.

All current In Bloom subscribers are automatically entered to win in our monthly Give-away.

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