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In-Bloom Awesome Orchids pots plants & more September 2011

Botanical ClassicsSimply the Best
Favorite summer memories? Let's start with our travels to Atlanta's collectible markets in search of one-of-a-kind treasures. Next? Our rededication to celebrating craftsmanship with our shop's botanical classics. Home accents including fresh scented candles, pillows, tables and lamps along with artisan-created jewelry and restorative beauty products, continue to capture the essence of who we are. Our made by hand collections (many from family-run businesses in the USA) remain timeless originals.

But, often it's the small moments, the delicate gestures that continue to linger in our minds as summer fades. Not forgotten are delightfully busy days with loyal customers and faithful friends sharing stories of vacation fun while searching for colorful orchids, rustic garden pots or vases to be filled with fresh-cut flowers. 

It's September. We're ready to turn the page to cooler days—eager for Season to begin. Fabulous finds, both new and classically familiar, can be found on our shelves. Not surprisingly, though, memories of our time together still bring the biggest smiles to our faces. 

Eve, Alan and Martha

Changes from the HeartChanges from the Heart
We believe that every great space deserves a little make-over. That's why this summer we've been busy making a few subtle, but high impact, changes throughout our shop.

In our beautiful garden room, recently installed reclaimed wood flooring now adds a feeling of solid refinement. Perfectly positioned antique and distinctive furniture pieces, some from our recent trip to Atlanta, along with earth toned pots from our good friends at Campo de Fiori, take things in a brand new direction.

And, yes, there's more to behold. Garden room doors are closed, but, will soon reopen. Stop in and see for yourself what all the excitement's about as we get ready for the big reveal later this month!

Raindrops Keep FallinRaindrops Keep Fallin
Locally heavy precipitation means outdoor plants could be at risk of developing water-related disease, including root rot.

To give your orchids a fighting chance, locate a nearby tree, remove plants from their pots and gently, but securely, attach the roots to their new tree host. (This especially works well for cattleyas, oncidiums and dendrobiums.) Check closely for any unwanted root sliding. For added stability, fasten wire or plastic ties to help roots cling onto their new elevated perch. Choose a tree height and location that allows you to admire your blooming orchids throughout the rainy season.

Our tip: Minimize root shock by only cutting off the back portion of the plastic grower pot, allowing the front half to remain intact until roots have begun attaching themselves.

Naturals for FallNaturals For Fall
Who are we kidding? Show us a pot with a gorgeous patina and we're whistling a happy tune. This fall, in harmony with the season, choose pots that are a natural compliment to the earth-toned colors that you'll soon see popping up everywhere.

A footed terra cotta urn finished in a creamy wash may be rustic, but, will look elegant paired with your home's global chic, country ranch or minimal modern style. African Seal pots, ribbed in alternating patterns of olive and lime green, are solidly chunky statement pieces indoors or out. Add a green and coral bromeliad or similarly hued Prince of Orange plant for a fully authentic seasonal effect.

All Things Papaya!All Things Papaya!
Fresh, bold, creative abandon are words that immediately come to mind when describing the lifestyle, stationery and gift selections from the uber talented mother and daughter design team from Papaya!. We simply couldn't resist their outrageously colorful and original cards, notebooks, magnets and art panels and, evidently, neither could you.

Popular, and with good reason, from the start, we're thrilled about all the new Papaya! choices coming to our shop this fall. Mouse pads, post-it notes that no one will want to toss, stickers galore and 2012 calendars in two styles for those who've already been asking (you know who you are) will share expanded showcase shelf space with tried and true customer favorites, past and present.

In Bloom GiveawayIn Bloom Give-away
Night air refreshes. Daylight grows shorter. Children head back to school. Good friends plan their return. Traffic slows, but, no one really minds. A new season will soon be here on Florida's Southwest Coast.

This month our randomly chosen In Bloom winner will select and take home a decorative wood block embossed with HOME, The Perfect Nest. Our September In Bloom Give-away winner is Judy.

Check your email later today Judy for details on picking up your slice of HOME sweet home with its perfectly perched bird from our shop.

Not our give-away winner? Autumn fruit is waiting to be picked, but until apples have been peeled and sauced, stop by our shop or visit us at the Downtown Farmers' Market on Saturday mornings to see what's new and blooming.

All current In Bloom subscribers are automatically entered to win in our monthly Give-away.

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