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Botanical ArtworkFalling Into Place
It began simply enough on a cold autumn day, when frost covered bare fields and fallen leaves rustled. On that day, so many years ago, everyone rose early—for a celebration was about to take place.

As gray skies lightened, a gathering table was brought to the center of the village. Places were marked for those who would be arriving—special guests, native to this land, to whom a feast would be offered. From their homes, men, women and children carried baskets of food harvested from gardens and the nearby sea. Sharing what they had grown and gathered, these new settlers to a new land had much to be thankful for that day.

Almost 400 years later, their caring tradition continues. As we prepare to break bread and give thanks for all the blessings in our lives, we are reminded that perseverance, faith and a community founded on kindness and respect for one another remain, and we do have so much to be grateful for.

Happy Thanksgiving from All of Us at Awesome Orchids

OncidiumsA Beautiful Room with a View
Taking cues from inviting patterns, earthy shapes and warm colors found in woodland spaces, we've gone back to basics with our shop's newly redesigned and recently reopened Bella Room.

Discover a magical greenhouse retreat inspired by the warmth and authenticity of rustic, mossed terra cotta planters, urns, and botanical pots handcrafted in the USA from Campo de Fiori. Newly installed reproduced barnyard wood flooring and a vintage side board from Catalonia, Spain complete the look while capturing the essence of fine craftsmanship.

With Campo de Fiori's seemingly limitless options for making everything you place in their containers look spectacular, beautiful orchids, delicate ferns and succulent arrangements never had it so good! Stop in soon. Ageless designs, from Campo de Fiori and others that constantly delight us, are waiting for you to have mixing and matching fun on your next visit to our shop's beautiful Bella Room.

Lady SlippersLady Slippers, Seasonal Charmers, Are Here
Introduce a fall garden spirit to your holiday and everyday tablesettings with centerpiece Lady Slippers that bring nature's muted color palette into your home. Once your gathering is but a cherished memory, divine Lady Slippers will continue to grace your space with their natural beauty.

Our Tip:  For her family's Thanksgiving table, Kathy's arranging a trio of Lady Slippers in different colors and heights in both rustic and glazed pots. A clear glass cloche, a few delicate ferns, some moss, and a decorative mushroom or two create an instant terrarium, evoking tranquility in the heart of this season's hectic festivities.

That Wow FactorFresh Perspectives
Enjoy the life of a confident collector. Add richness and depth to your home inside and out by layering and mixing rustic pots from Campo de Fiori with handmade glazed pots and containers by Vietri in quiet shades of russet browns and auburn greens.

Don't be afraid to include a variety of heights, interesting shapes and finishing elements, such as flared and scored edged pots, into your growing collection. Between shelves or above your sideboard bring in hints of the unexpected with wall pots filled with your favorite plants, garden tools or found objects.

Featured pottery treasures, a table-sized fountain and framed momentos of what means the most to you complete the journey of your collector's life to be shared with others.

In Bloom GiveawayIn Bloom Give-away
Take comfort this November in the simple things in life. Pedal your bike to the beach. Sing fearlessly. Laugh often with friends. Invite newly returned neighbors to tea. Bake cookies, eat them all. Skip across the room. Take a nap. Doodle endlessly.

This month our randomly chosen In Bloom winner will select and take home one of our 4 inch real moss terra cotta pots from Campo de Fiori. Our November In Bloom Give-away winner is Aaron. Choose your personal favorite from classic flared, piecrust edge or wall mount designs. Check your email later today Aaron for details on selecting and picking up your simply graceful Campo pot from our shop.  

Not our give-away winner?  November cravings are plentiful, but until wishbones confer their goodwill, stop by our shop or visit us at the Downtown Farmers' Market on Saturday mornings to see what’s new and blooming. 

All current In Bloom subscribers are automatically entered to win in our monthly Give-away.

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