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Busy BunniesBusy Bunnies
Did you know Christina and Cornelia are sisters? And, like many sisters, they love spending time together. Each day, they wake up the sun before it rises. This is not always easy as Christina and Cornelia enjoy their restful hours of morning slumber.

One fine day, Christina and Cornelia had a grand idea. Saying good bye to mama and papa, they hopped to the top of their tiny hill.  With basket and watering can in hand, our two tall bunnies, one dressed in green gingham and one dressed in rose and blue colored patchwork, got to work.

These busy bunnies soon lost track of time. The sun disappeared and darkness fell. Suddenly, Christina heard happy voices.  Then Cornelia did, too.  Not only mama and papa, but all of their sisters and brothers, aunts and uncles, cousins and bunny friends had come to fetch them home.

Safely tucked into their beds that night, mama finally asked Christina and Cornelia about their grand idea.  Why, it's simple, they chimed, we were planting seeds of harmony. And, we can't wait to do it all again tomorrow!

Sweet Dreams from All of Us at Awesome Orchids

Spring Greetings
Cloth Bunnies Ceramic Bunny Watering Can
Welcome spring into your home with these adorably diminutive cloth bunnies. All dressed up in their finest attire (hand-knit sweaters and embroidered tees are so cute), they'll comfortably nestle in cast iron baskets and gardenscape mugs.  Outside or in, ceramic bunnies conjure up peaceful reflections atop garden walls or beside terrace doors. Our darling crackle glaze watering can holds bunny cards, mini Phals or a even a cottontail or two.

Highlighting HyacinthsHighlighting Hyacinths
Purple and white hyacinth bulb candles (white hyacinth votives are also available) look so natural you might be tempted to plant them in your garden.  Place one or two in vases, pots or even our new watering can containers.  Arrange your freshly “potted plants” around a basket-carrying twig and moss bunny or inside a pastel egg wreath centerpiece. These candles will brighten festive celebrations as well as your heart.

Alan's March Orchid Tips: Warm temperatures and brilliant sunshine mean internal car temperatures can skyrocket quickly causing delicate orchids to wilt and leaves to burn. Never leave your orchids or plants unattended in your vehicle.

Like you, your outdoor orchids and plants need more water during hot summer-like days. Check potting mediums often and hydrate as needed. 

The next time you purchase an orchid or plant from Awesome Orchids, take home one of our Care Sheets with easy to follow instructions on how to enjoy healthier orchids and plants longer.
Garden Party Invitation
Beaded Tray White Pitchers Poppy Candles
Clear blue skies reawaken thoughts of outdoor garden parties.  Dress your table with your family's best china and then add crisp white accents for easy mixing that's relaxed and welcoming.  A beaded square tray with useful handles becomes the ideal resting place for tea time sandwiches while shiny pitchers and footed cachepots double as centerpiece orchid displays. As evening approaches lighten the mood with a row of poppy-shaped candles (from votive to larger sizes) that glow.

Our tip: When Kathy first saw this textured accent chest (right photo) resting on the tile floor in our Wisteria Hall she knew in an instant that it could also be repurposed on a compact sideboard. With old world charm and lots of drawer space, it's destined to become your favorite piece in your own home. (Ask us for ordering details.)

Wire UrnIn Bloom Give-away
Keep it real simple this month.  Place a decorative wire urn with tons of personality on a foyer credenza.  Add a cool green leaf and twig ball and two or three clip-on chicadees.  Voila.  Instant spring sweetness.

This month our randomly chosen In Bloom winner will take home a lovely 3 inch tall white or purple hyacinth candle or a white poppy candle (your choice!).  Our March In Bloom Give-away winner is Alice.  Check your email later today Alice for details on selecting your garden inspired candle from our shop.  

Not our give-away winner?  March days are sun filled, but until busy bunnies hop down the rabbit trail, stop by our shop or visit us at the Downtown Farmers' Market on Saturday mornings to see what's new and blooming.

All current In Bloom subscribers are automatically entered to win in our monthly Give-away.

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