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Glazed PotsA Few Bright Ideas
May days have arrived–a time for us to try new things, live life with arms held wide open and spend more time outdoors.

Winter's routines have been exchanged for glorious springtime adventures. Rising early, we're ready to head out to special sun-drenched spots to capture thoughts on paper, sketch a view of the shifting tide or collect pretty shells for long-overdue craft projects.

Coastal alfresco living means entertaining is easy and breezy. Indoor rooms transition seamlessly to outdoor spaces with big, bright yellow, glazed pots filled with lush bromeliads and colorful floral-inspired artworks hung on the wall. (Stop by our shop to see what's new.) Picnics at sunset are sure to enchant your guests with twinkling lights on tree branches and glowing candles set along deck railings.

Whether you find your own inspiration in wide-open spaces, soaring flights of fancy, family gatherings or water's edge meditations, be sure to let May's glorious sunshine in.

The Team at Awesome Orchids

Awesome Orchids Mania
Oncidiums Vandas Cattleyas
Orchid madness has once again taken over our shop and Downtown Farmers' Market stand and we just want to say, wow! Hand-selected from local growers, oncidiums, miniature vandas, and exotic cattleyas (also in full bloom are much-anticipated miltonias, the pansy orchid) promise to add outrageous vibrancy to your downtown condo, beach cottage or oak court ranch. Individually displayed you've got a modern less is more look. Or, go mad and break all the rules. Locate your large white compote or brightly glazed pots and fill with your favorite orchids in a variety of brilliant color combinations. Now it's your turn to say, wow!
Home Style
Floral Prints Paperweights Infuser
It's nature-inspired style guaranteed to perk up your spring. Big and bold framed floral prints in cheery colors celebrate the season's possibilities and bring drama to any room. Delicately pictured to hold your gaze, bird fanciers will delight in giving, receiving and collecting these glass paperweights available in a variety of graceful illustrations. Try a little aroma therapy with Washed Cotton scent diffusers from family-owned K. Hall Designs. Choose one signature scent, or combine with Moss or Verbena, for garden freshness throughout your home.
Spring Phials
Phalaenopsis Phalaenopsis Phalaenopsis
Celebrate life by the seashore with fresh, colorful Phalaenopsis.  These locally grown beauties come in a variety of hues and patterns including stripe, solid and spotted.  With so many lovely choices, it's hard to know where to begin. Eve suggests you pick a favorite shade then mix together a variety of patterns in the same hue. Grouped together or thoughtfully placed throughout your live, work or event space, they're an enchanting reminder of spring in all its sun dappled goodness.

ConnerOur Tip this month comes from Conner, our newest, and dare we say cutest, member of our Awesome Orchids team! 

Conner, who also happens to be Martha's grandson, knows that warmer temperatures and sun-filled days mean orchids need a little more of your attention. Weather conditions right now are perfect for your plants to be outside, but, many orchids, including Phals, should be shaded from the hot midday sun.

Balmy days also create thirstier plants. So, follow Conner's example and, with water bottle in hand, check your orchids regularly to be sure they have just the right amount of moisture to thrive. 

GeckoIn Bloom Give-away
You'll never know where you'll find ‘em. Scattered throughout our shop, these little critters are curiously whimsical banded together atop ceramic garden stools and open shelves or dangling from blooming potted orchids and plants.

This month our randomly chosen In Bloom winner will take home a good luck gecko from our shelves. Our May In Bloom Give-away winner is Stacy. Check your email later today Stacy for details on selecting and picking up your sun-loving lizard from our shop.  

Not our give-away winner? May days sparkle, but, until silver-lined clouds appear, stop by our shop or visit us at the Downtown Farmers' Market on Saturday mornings to see what's new and blooming.

All current In Bloom subscribers are automatically entered to win in our monthly Give-away.

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