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Table DisplayA Good Life
August inspires. Adventure calls with visions of ships gliding on calm waters, airplanes soaring through the clouds and trains rolling along endless tracks. This year, though, we’re staying closer to home.

Exchanging a life of exploration on the high seas for comfort and connection with family and friends has felt like a warm sun-filled embrace. We’ve gravitated to relishing in the soft, gentle moments to be found or created each day in our shop or at our Farmers’ Market stand here in paradise.

This summer we’ve discovered it’s the magic of the place we live in and the people we cherish and hold so dear that make for a good life on the Southwest Coast of Florida.

Time for a Change
After two-and-a-half amazing years of bringing In Bloom to you each month, we’re taking a much anticipated break. We thank you for waiting patiently as we redesign and plan future issues (Weekly? Monthly? Stay tuned!) that will introduce you to the very best from our Awesome Orchids shop shelves and Downtown Sarasota Farmers’ Market stand.

The Team at Awesome Orchids

Summer's SucculentsSummer's Succulents
We’ve always known these intriguing plants could do no wrong. Now, everyone else has caught on. Labeled plants of the moment, succulents are grabbing our attention tucked into clear glass terrariums, rustic garden boxes and even hand-held floral bouquets. Just right for any space or occasion, add fresh powdery-green color to your home, outdoor or work spaces with a few easy to care for succulents.

Our Tip: Martha and Kathy know that potted succulents make the perfect dinner companions. Centered down a tablescape, they bring a cool sculptural note to any evening’s festivities.
Effortless Grace
small leaf-shaped ceramic plates in colors of clover green and full moon yellow on a gleaming decorative tray large scale, neutral hued pots seashell stoppers we’ve ever seen gracefully sit atop vintage colored and clear glass bottles
Partner small leaf-shaped ceramic plates in colors of clover green and full moon yellow on a gleaming decorative tray. Eve fills the small plates with salt and crushed peppercorns, but, you can choose what your heart desires. Completely update your interior or exterior spaces with a few large scale, neutral hued pots. Classically beautiful on their own or stunning filled with topiaries, plants or in bloom phals. Awaiting your special message, the most extraordinary seashell stoppers we’ve ever seen gracefully sit atop vintage colored and clear glass bottles.
NecklaceA Beautiful Bauble for You
A timeless addition to your necklace collection? Certainly! We’ve taken a poll and voted this beauty one of our most wanted jewel pieces of the summer season. Intricately crafted floral and leaf details in pale porcelain green are the ideal pendant backdrop for a silver-hued sparrow, butterfly and fanciful twisting vine.

This coveted necklace, with its bold, square shaped form and delicate oval link metal chain, is a one-of-a-kind staple with daytime jeans and tees as well as a glamorous exclamation point for your out on the town evening outfits.

Seashell ballsIn Bloom Give-away
Sally may sell seashells at the seashore, but, she’s not seen anything like these spellbinding shell balls. Lend seaside charm to your home or special event—group several in clear glass bowls, band together atop ceramic pots and trays or perch indivdually next to in bloom orchids and plants.

This month our randomly chosen In Bloom winner will take home a patternly shell ball from our shelves. Our summer In Bloom Give-away winner is Alina. Check your email later today Alina for details on selecting and picking up your personal favorite from our shop.

Not our give-away winner? Summer sizzles, but, until fall’s cool breezes return, stop by our shop or visit us at the Downtown Farmers’ Market on Saturday mornings to see what’s new and blooming.

All current In Bloom subscribers are automatically entered to win in our monthly Give-away.

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